GMB Launch Kickstarter

We very excited to be launching our Kickstarter Campaign on Thursday 11/02, we will be promoting our new business to develop to the next level, introduce new brush designs & makeup bags as well as make-up palates.

You can pledge to support our campaign from as little as £4 for a single make-up brush, our sets & packages are from £25 to £60 & we are also offering wholesale packages for mua's to salon/boutiques/studios for £200. All at savings of up to 50%.

Some of the packages also include our new Make-up bag we are launching too.

The aim of our business is to marry the art of using the correct Make-Up Brushes with creating the perfect look, while building confidence with make-up along the way. 

We are all about the love of make-up, learning, gaining confidence & having fun!

Use our brushes to create any look, any style with any product. Bring the world of online tutorials to life with our bespoke one to one lessons, just bring your new brushes as well as your own make-up bag!

Join our Make-Up Revolution & pledge to show your support! Campaign Running from 11/02/16 - 11/03/16

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