Masterclass Events


Make-Up Masterclasses 

Our Masterclasses are run throughout the UK in a variety of locations, our Pro Expert Team that run these are highly trained experienced professional MUA's & the classes are run as fun informal events, but where you can pick up all the tricks of the trade!

These classes are perfect for complete beginners who are looking to gain some more confidence, as well as for those who are confident in applying make-up but looking to pick up some extra tips & hone their skills, or even those who are considering a career in Make-Up!

Our Masterclasses are also the perfect companion to our Online Academy on becoming a Make-Up Artist as well! 


What's Invloved

The Classes are Group Events & are split into three different sections, Demo, Practical & Q&A. The Demo section is where our MUA will run through techniques with a model chosen from the class (we run a few different demo's on as many models as we can throughout the session), then there is time for the class to practice the looks, with time for Q & A as well at the end.

Areas covered are Skincare & Prep for Make-Up Application, Foundation & Concealer Application Technique, Contouring/Highlighting/Blush, EyeShadow & Liner Applications, as well as Brows & finally Lips.

We also go through different Product Recommendations as well as how to use Make-Up Brushes & Tools effectively to achieve a professional Make-Up Look. 

Click here for our Current List of Masterclass Locations/Dates/Times. If you have purchased a Voucher Code already please contact us at to book a date with your Code & we will send you the link to make your booking.


Bespoke One to One Training

We offer Bespoke One to One Sessions for those looking to enter the Make-Up Artistry Profession. These are run by our Pro Expert Team & are available through the UK in a variety of locations.

The One to One sessions are tailored to your needs & the areas you really need to focus on. However the main areas we cover are understanding Skincare & Prep, Hygiene, Applying Foundation & Concealer, Colour Correcting, Contouring/Highlighting & Blush Application. Eyeshadow Shading & Blending, to Eyeliner Techniques as well as Brow Shading/Correcting & Lip Application. We also include a full understanding on using Professional Make-Up Brushes & the correct Tools, along with Brush Care & Hygiene too.

Our sessions also include all the inside tricks of the trade for creating on trend & up to the minute make-up looks.

All sessions include a Certificate Of Completion & these also work in Collaboration with our Online Academy.

Please Contact Us For Enquiries & Booking. Prices From £150 (dependent on area). 

Make-Up Tutorials


One to One Bespoke Make-Up Tutorials & Brush Set Package

At Girl Meets Brush you can also purchase a Bespoke One to One Tutorial Package with our Essential Brush 12 Piece Set in order to learn how to you use your brushes properly & pick up some great make-up tips!

Our tutorials are bespoke are carried out by our network of 'Pro Expert' Make-Up Artists & are face to face. All the artists who are part of our network are highly skilled in their area, working within the industry for many years & bringing with them a wealth of expertise & knowledge.

The tutorial will focus on the areas that you the client would most like to work on & are completely flexible.

These packages also make an excellent gift & come beautifully packaged in our branded gift bag, with Illustrated Brush Guide, Gift Voucher detailing the Make-Up Tutorial & Face Chart.

Packages Can be Purchased on our Online Shop. 


Make-Over Parties

Get your very own Celebrity Red Carpet treatment with our Make-Over Parties, perfect for that special girls night out on the town!

Our Make-Over Parties will involve each person receiving a make-over, giving them the chance to pick up some invaluable tricks of the trade with our team of professional make-up artists.

Again these are tailored to your specific requirements & can be themed as well to a style such as Vintage Make-Up for example.

These are completely flexible & we can travel to you, or if you prefer we can arrange a venue for you.

Prices are £30 Per Person (additional costs apply for a venue if required).